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  • WWW Speedtrap Exchange
    Feeling a little lead footed? Better think again and check this site. 
  • Mapquest
    Planning to drive somewhere in North America? Find directions and maps here. 
  • Ask an Expert
    Free advice and information from people who should know. 
  • Warner Brothers Online for Kids
    Online activities with your favourite cartoon characters 
  • Ask Jeeves
    Tired of framing your questions in "computer" format? Use Ask Jeeves to pose your questions in regular English.
  • Ask Jeeves for Kids
    As its name implies, this is a version for children's questions.
  • Let it Snow
    Innovative Special Education site put up by the University of Toronto.
  • The OSAPAC Website
    The site of the committee that makes recommendation about provincially licensed software.
  • Quiz-Buddy
    Utility to generate your own quizzes.
  • Net Mechanic
    Assistance to make your great website even better.
  • Google Earth
    From Google, zero in on anything in the planet.
  • Movie Maker 2 Website
    Expert resources for editing movies in Microsoft's Movie Maker software.
  • Movie Maker Resources 
    Resources and ideas for creating and editing your own movies.
  • Converting Files
    Change files in one format to another all online with local software
  • Meta Glossary
    Check for definitions online
  • Digital Storytelling eBook
    The mandate of this website, sponsored by Adobe and Pinnacle, is designed to help educators incorporate story telling using new media into the classroom.
  • Google Presentations
    Create presentations online and show them anywhere.
  • Converting Files
    Send them a file, they convert it to a different format, and then send it back.