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  • GECDSB 100th Day of School Resources
    Links to Internet Resources to help you celebrate the 100th day of school.
  • Full List of Math Lesson Titles
    Lesson Plans for Senior Level Activities 
  • The Math Forum
    Resources, Lesson Plans, Issues, all related to math education
  • Mathville Homepage
    The homepage for the Mathville products. Includes excellent offline mathematics activities.
  • Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies
    Interesting site with lots of online manipulative mathematics activities for all grades.
  • Web Math
    Your own personal online Mathematics tutor.
  • Mr. Pitonyak's Pyramid Puzzle
    What would an Egyptian Pyramid cost to build today?
  • Tangrams
    The Chinese called this centuries-old game the "Seven-Board of Cunning" because only an exceptionally determined player would attempt its amazing and challenging puzzles.
  • Puzzles
    The name says it all!
  • Puzzles with polyhedra and numbers
    In this site one can print copies of polyhedron puzzles (for non-commercial purposes only) and one can read several mathematical articles on the subject.
  • Currency Converter
    Use this site to get up to date information on currency exchange rates and foreign investment advice!
  • Computing Technology for Math Excellence
    Computing Technology for Math Excellence is devoted to resources for teaching and learning mathematics (K-12 and calculus) and the standards movement in education.
  • ABCs to Excel
    Resource for spreadsheet modelling.
  • Room 108 Math
    There are alway mathematics activities to do in Room 108.
  • Fido
    Can you determine how Fido reads your mind?
  • Virtual Pythagorean Theorem
    Interactively work with Java applets to discover the theorem and more.
  • Hubbin'
    Check out the various educational hubs at this site
  • Geometry Step by Step from the Land of the Incas
    This interactive web site uses a variety of techniques to introduce geometry to the user. Mathematics, music, visual  displays, quizzes, puzzles, science, history, and geography are integrated in this web site. A very visual and engaging site which brings geometry to life.
  • Currency Conversion 
    From the Bank of Canada, convert Canadian currency to and from others. Also provides great data for Fathom activities.
  • Mathematics Learning Objects
    Manipulate objects on the screen to learn various mathematical concepts.
  • Squigly's Playhouse
    If you're a primary teacher and looking for some art ideas, activity sheets, or online activities, you've got to pay this site a visit.
  • mathFROG
    Collection of mathematics activities for students in Grades 4, 5, and 6.
  • Virtual Manipulatives
    Go online and solve mathematics problems with web-based manipulatives.
  • Math and Reading Help for Kids
    Math and Reading Help for Kids is a directory of hundreds of original articles, tips and resources centered on the topic of children's learning.
  • Internet Math Walk
    Take a wander around the internet and see Mathematics in action.
  • Kindersite
    Searchable database of activities for language, music, mathematics, and age appropriate games.
  • Mathville 1
    Now, for the youngest of grades, there's Mathville 1.
  • The Microsoft Excel 2007 Starter's Guide
    A comprehensive guide to learning how to use and navigate Excel 2007.