Stefan Sobkowiak, Conference Speaker              FRANÇAIS

Permaculturist, Ornithologist, Landscape Architect, Farmer

Topics: Edible Gardening, Gardening, Landscape Design, Birds, Permaculture, Urban Farming

Hello. Are you looking for a talk on edible gardening, gardening, landscape design, birds, permaculture or urban farming? My experience with more than 500 talks in Canada, the US, New Zealand, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Sweden will meet your need.

photo: Richard Civico, photographer

Please take a few minutes to find the talk you need. Looking for a topic not in the list at left? Got a CANCELLATION, even last minute by another speaker, call me (514) 830-9640. I can usually make it if you give me 3 hours notice in the Montreal region and 5 hours notice for Eastern Ontario or Quebec city region.

Check out the "UPCOMING TALKS" to find a talk near you. Attending a talk is the best way to eliminate uncertainty concerning a new speaker. The second best way is the advice of someone who has heard me speak. Look at the bottom of the "UPCOMING TALKS" page for recently given talks contact information, or CONTACT ME I can provide you with recent contact information.

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