01: Building Blocks

Complete the four Building Blocks lessons:

  1. Dots & Lines
  2. Squares & Rectangles
  3. Triangles & Circles
  4. Adding Depth

Want more practice? Experiment with these ideas.

Project (pick one):

  • Create a 7.5 x 10 poster of Lessons Learned from the Building Blocks lessons using the building block. (I like Jo Boaler's stem: I wish everyone my age knew...)
  • Create a 7.5 x 10 poster for an upcoming class or lesson.

It takes practice.

  • Share your poster with someone and ask for feedback.
  • Scan or take a photo of your work and insert it in your Doodling the C's Google doc, on your blog, or in your My Learning portfolio.

Examples (add your own):

01: Building Blocks