VIERA Link "HDAVI Control"

The main reason for getting the Panasonic model over any other was to utilize the Viera Link whereby you can use the TV remote to control more advanced functions of the recorder.
I have the Panasonic TH-42PV700AZ TV
In actuality it's more hassle than it's worth when it comes to usability, and you have to have an HDMI 1.3 cable, which doesn't come with the recorder.
When you want to use a Viera link function,
  1. You have to switch the TV in to Viera mode where the TV searches for any attached Viera capable systems, like the DVDR BluRay or AV Receiver  
  2. You have to select the Viera system you want to use, I only have a DVDR
  3. The extra functionality you can reach via the Viera system isn't the kind of functions you use every day and there is a little bit of lag when using the TV remote as opposed to the DVDR remote to do the same thing. 
The HDAVI Control gives you 4 fetaures:
  1. Download from the TV, On initial setup you can retrieve the TV's station list data and programe positions so you don't have to edit them yourself
  2. Easy playback, so when the TV is on and you push a control button onthe DVDR remote the TV will switch t the DVDR input if it isn't already)
  3. Power on Link, so when the TV is off and you push a control button on the DVDR the TV will turn on
  4. Power of Link, when you set the TV to standby the DVDR will also be turned off

The TV remote (the one on the bottom in the picture above) has the standard Video controls on it anyway (Power, Play, Pause, Stop, FFWD, RWD, Channel Up/Down, Record) and the DVDR control has the Power, AV, Channel Up/Down and Volume controls on it, so for every day viewing, the controls are largely interchangeable.

I broke my HDMI cable when moving house and I haven't got a round tuit to get a replacement so one of my main motivations has proven irrelevant.

One of the Logitech Harmony remotes would obviate the need for the HDAVI Control as well

There are quite a lot of search results for "hdavi control 4" - what are you expecting to find when you get to here?
If you post a response, maybe I can find it for you - thanks :)