Cameras on Canadarm

QUESTION: Do you know how many cameras are installed on International Space Station (ISS) and Canadarm ?

Do you want to know what they can see? - Then read on...

... back in 2000-2002 I worked on developing a video recognition software that would allow those cameras to see better.

(My children in front of Canadarm, which is now retired and placed in Ottawa Museum of Aviation)


There are 14 video cameras on ISS,

and there are 4 Cameras on SSRMS (more known as "Canadarm2").

The image at left: is what a ISS camera actually sees.

The image at right is synthetically obtained based on reported robot arm configuration.

I worked on developing a software

that would verify that what ISS/SSRMS cameras see is what is actually reported to the astronauts

(i. e. That reported positions and angles of all joints of Canadarm are correct).

The developed prototype software was called RACE.

The project closing presentation is attached below.