Nouse® (Nose as Mouse) Technology

Publications on the Nouse® - a Canadian Intelligent Vision Interface technology featured at the Canadian Museum of Science and Technology

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By Nouse developers:

Gorodnichy, D., Dubrofsky, E., and Mohammad, A. Ali. Working with a computer hands-free using the Nouse Perceptual Vision Interface. International Workshop on Video Processing and Recognition (VideoRec’07). May 28-30, 2007. Montreal , QC , Canada . NRC 49354. - [Pdf and Poster]

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Dmitry O. Gorodnichy. On Importance of Nose for Face Tracking, Proc. Intern. Conf. on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition (FG'2002), pp. 188-196, Washington DC, May 20-21, 2002. NRC 45854 [Abstract & Pdf] [Poster] [Cites]

By Health Practitioners and Rehabilitation Scientists (Univ. of Ottawa's School of Health Scienceand Bruyere Continuing Care)

"Usability of a Low Cost Head Tracking computer Access Method Following Stroke" - Poster at IPSED Conference

"Can training sessions improve performance and increase satisfaction amongst Nouse technolology user?" - Poster ISAAC Conference

"Leading by the Nose: Collaborative Adaption of New Hands-Free Computer Tool ". Poster at ASSET Conference.

"Can Adults in Complex Continuing Care Facility Use "Nose as Mouse" Technology? " Poster at ASSET Conference.

All posters are attached at the bottom of the page.

Dmitry O. Gorodnichy Towards automatic retrieval of blink-based lexicon for persons suffered from brain-stem injury using video cameras. In CD-ROM Proc. of the First IEEE CVPR Workshop on Face Processing in Video (FPIV'04), Washington DC, June 28, 2004. ISBN0-7695-2158-4. ISSN 1063-6919. NRC 47138 [Slides]

D.O. Gorodnichy and G. Roth. Affordable yet robust and precise face tracking using USB cameras with application to designing hands-free user interfaces, UIST'02, Oct 27-30, 2002.NRC 45856 [Abstract & Pdf] [Slides] [Cites]