Assistant Professor of Economics
Economics Section | Utrecht School of Economics | Utrecht University

Research Interests
Experimental Economics | Behavioral Economics | Game Theory

-> The  ESB-Dossier Women in Economics is just-released, in which I contributed to the article regarding the Round Table on Gender issues. The article is published under the Chatham House Rule | November 2018

-> Invited to pitch my research in the Science of Diversity & Inclusion Initiative's Convening | Department of Economics | University of Chicago | September 2018

-> Invited to participate in the Workshop Fairness in Sports and Games at King's College London | June 2018

-> My student Filippo Ricci has been awarded a scholarship to attend the 2nd summer school in Psychological Game Theory where he will be presenting some of our work.

-> My student Franziska Heinicke is presenting our joint-work at ESA Berlin.

-> Presenting at the Thurgau Experimental Economics Meeting 2018

-> Presenting at the EEA-ESEM 2017

-> Research excellence distinction from the Dean of the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (End-Of-Year SBE Event | June 2017)

-> Awarded the EEA Travel Grant

-> Joining the Utrecht School of Economics | Chair of Microeconomics as an Assistant Professor in September 2017

-> Awarded the Royal Economic Society Travel Grant