Byte Articles

Byte, for which I had the pleasure to work for the last 15 years of its life, was the most influential magazine of the early microcomputer revolution. Started by Wayne Green in 1975, shortly after the first personal computers appeared as kits advertised in the back of electronics magazines, Byte was published monthly with an initial yearly subscription price of $10. Unlike other competing magazines it covered developments in the entire field of "small computers and software", and sometimes other computing fields like supercomputers and high-reliability computing too. Our coverage was always in great depth, with a lot of technical detail, rather than user-oriented. Following a takeover, print publication ceased in 1998 and online publication in 2013.

Since the closure of Byte there appears to be no satisfactory online archive of all its articles, despite the fact that we had pioneered digital distribution via a CD-ROM containing eight years of full content from 1990 onwards. I intend to find out about the copyright position of this CD (which I have) with a view to perhaps putting its contents online, but in the meantime I will be putting a selection of my own articles, whose copyright has reverted to me, on this website. All these articles are the original copy that I submitted to the magazine, and so may differ in some details from the edited versions that were actually published: