My political blog, which covers many topics, both computer and non-computer related, from a radical perspective. (If you prefer to read on Kindle, I've made the contents of this blog up to 2014 into Kindle and PDF versions that you can download from this page.)


A complete archive of my Idealog columns from PC Pro magazine, from the first one in 1994 up until six months ago from today (to respect copyright agreement). I've also made most of these columns available for sale as Kindle books, in two volumes, from Amazon here.


I've been contributing book reviews to The Political Quarterly for the last decade. PQ, as it's often called, is a political journal founded in 1930 by Leonard Woolf (husband of Virginia). Its outlook is centre-left or social democratic though it has published articles across the whole political spectrum over the years, from Richard Hoggart, John Maynard Keynes, Arthur Koestler and Harold Laski to Benito Mussolini and Leon Trotsky. A statement of purpose in its first issue said this:

"The function of The Political Quarterly will be to discuss social and political questions from a progressive point of view. It will act as a clearing-house of ideas and a medium of constructive thought. It will not be tied to any party and will publish contributions from persons of various political affiliations. It will be a journal of opinion, not of propaganda."

Since PQ is available by subscription only - mainly through university libraries - I've posted all my book reviews here in case you'd like to read them and don't have easy access. To respect Wiley's copyright I've posted my original manuscript versions: the published versions are available from the Blackwell website at