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Applied Mathematics, Modeling of complex biological systems

Research fellow at INRIA Paris, team MAMBA

Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions

Université Pierre-et-Marie-Curie (UPMC)

4, place Jussieu, Couloir 16-26, 3e étage

F75252 Paris Cedex 05

Current Position

I am a research fellow at INRIA Paris in the team MAMBA.

We are interested in physiological or physical modelling of the complex and multiscale phenomena via mathematical analysis of partial differential equations or the use of simulation methods from statistical physics, and in the development of effective and reliable numerical methods.

Upcoming events

  • Nov 12-17, 2018 Workshop 'Modelisation mathematique de la croissance et la reparation tissulaire', Treilles, France
  • Nov 25-30, 2018 BIRS-CMO Workshop 'Mathematical challenges in the Analysis of Continuum models for cancer growth', Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Jan 11, 2019 Math-Bio seminar P13, Paris

Past Position

From Oct 2015 to Oct 2017 I was a post doctoral researcher in applied mathematics at the faculty of mathematics in Vienna with Christian Schmeiser. We were interested in modelling the morphology and mechanics of cells crawling, the motion of which being driven by cytoskeletal dynamics. I am a former member of the Project WWTF (Modeling of Polarization and Motility of Leukocytes in Three-Dimensional Environments).

Recent events

  • July 23-30, 2018 ECMTB Conference, mini-symposium 'Exploring the regeneration processes through mathematical modelling', Lisbon, Portugal
  • Sep 17-20, 2018 UMI-SMAI workshop, Wroclaw, Poland
  • Oct 16-18, 2018 PSU-P6 workshop 'Mathematics of living matter', Penn State, US

Past Position

From september 2012 to august 2015, I was a PhD student in applied mathematics at Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse (IMT) under the supervision of Pierre Degond and Fanny Delebecque. We worked in collaboration with two biologists: Louis Casteilla and Anne Lorsignol from the STROMALAB. We were interested in the modelling of adipose tissue homeostasis and I was a member of the CNRS project PEPS-MATH (Modeling Adult Tissue Homeostasis) and the project was supported by the Region Midi Pyrenees under grant APRTCN 2013.


  • July-August 2018: Project supervisor, CEMRACS, Marseille 'Mathematical modeling of cell aggregation and segregation', Students: K. Atsou, Marta Marulli, Remi Tesson
  • Organizer of the Open MAMBA Seminar
  • Co-Organizer of the GdT Math-Bio, LJLL, Sorbonne Université, campus Pierre et Marie Curie
  • Principal investigator of the INRIA-WPI (Vienna) associated team: M. Doumic, C. Schmeiser

Research Interests

Mathematical modeling of complex systems coming from biology, microscopic models, derivation of macroscopic models, kinetic theory, Asymptotic study



  • April- September 2018 V. Caliaro, 'Mathematical modeling of cell aggregation and segregation', M1 internship Co direction with L. Almeida, K. Sidi-Mahmoud
  • May-September 2018 S. Zhenyu, 'Coarse-graining of swimmer dynamics in a fluid filled with obstacles', M2 internship
  • April-September 2018 L. Naudin, 'Modelisation du metabolisme energetique tumoral glycolytique vs respiratoire oxydatif', M2 internship, Co direction with J. Clairambault
  • September 2018- C. Wytrzens, PhD co directed by P. Degond, S. Merino Aceituno

Research networks:

  • HTE Program 'Modeling of Glioblastoma treatment-induced resistance and heterogeneity by multi-modal imaging' (MoGlimaging) principal investigator: COHEN-JONATHAN MOYAL
  • INRIA-WPI (Vienna) associated team 'Mathematical Modelling of Cell Motility and Autophagy' (MaMoCeMa) with M. Doumic, C. Schmeiser
  • Member of the PRC Royaume-Uni CNRS-Royal Society, principal investigator: A. Blanchet
  • FSMP Ambassadeur-PGSM for Austria