Hi. I'm Diana and this is my web-site and is about things that I like.

"So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains
And we never even know we have the key"
Already Gone - Eagles

I have had a web presence since 2000. I first started on Yahoo’s Geocites where I kept a diary, and when Geocites closed I started a blog. I transferred most of my Geocites website to the Google website.

My blog and website have two goals, to educate the public about trans-people and to show trans-people that you can have a productive and meaningful life as a trans-person.

When I first found the modern internet (way back in the late seventies I was on bulletin board system or BBS using a dial up modem but I made the erroneous assumption that internet wouldn’t amount to much. So I went on to other things.) I started to read blog from other trans-people. It was through those blogs that I realized that it was possible to go out and public and not be harassed. I was reading blogs like Dr. Becky’s, Melanie Anne Phillips, and others and I realized that I could also write a blog.

Once I started to write my blog I started hear from people who said that my blog helped them understand about trans-people. That I opened their eyes to the community and some became allies, I am still in contact with many of those who reached out to me back when I started writing in 2000.

So I continue to write my blog and occasional this website. So stick awhile and look around.

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