This collection of dermatological preparations has been made possible by the Tony Accordino B Pharm, MPS, MBA, director of "Oxford Compounding". I would also like to thank all contributors: particularly Dr Phil Swarbrick MBBS FACD and Dr Leon Wall MBBS FACD both of whom were inspirational during my dermatology training years.

Many other Australian dermatologists have contributed their recipes for 'lotions and potions'. A list of contributors can be found under the "contributor's" tab. If you have contributed but have not been acknowledged, please let me know.

A fascinating discussion of the most common ingredients by alphabetical order and biographical notes written by Tony Accordino and myself can be accessed under the "Know Your Ingredients" tab on the left.

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Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, please note that this website makes no claim to efficacy, safety etc of these preparations including safety in pregnancy or lactation. Check all prescriptions with your local compounding pharmacist before prescribing.


Dr Grant Masel MBBS FRACP (Immunology) FACD Dermatologist

Perth, Western Australia.

These preparations are only for prescription by experienced Dermatologists. Some preparations may cause significant injury if applied incorrectly.