The Green Book

The Green Book, below, presents the official history of the Law Club from 1914 to 2014.  Click on the image below for the entire, giant PDF. (This is a big file.)

But now for a quick and dirty history.  

The Law Club was founded on April 10, 1914 as a "club of younger lawyers desiring to organize a homogenous group which would meet systematically to discuss questions helpful in law practice." Four months later, the First World War broke out. We deny that we caused that in any manner. 

The early Law Club was strict and organized. Fixed meeting times and mandated attendance. Strict roles and rules. The Club may well have been a response of younger attorneys to the domination of older attorneys comprising the Denver Bar Association and the Colorado Bar Association. 

But in 1939, a group of Law Club members "attempted to to amuse those present at the first day's luncheon of the Colorado Bar Association," and things pretty much went downhill from there. Law Club shows became a tradition at CBA conventions, continuing until the Conventions themselves were discontinued in 2000. We deny that we caused that in any manner.  

 Active membership in the Law Club is open to law students and attorneys under the age of 107. That was raised from 45 finally. Upon reaching 45, members become associate (aka "over the hill") members, but now may still be officers. So basically there's no difference. 

Musical talent is desirable, but not required. 

Our list of over-the-hill members includes an impressive number of well known attorneys and judges, most of whom will deny any affiliation with the organization if asked. The way you can tell that an important person is a member of the Law Club is by his or her immediate, emphatic denial. This is our secret method of identifying each other.

We encourage new younger members. We are all about mentoring and networking. 

 Inquiries about membership may be made to any active member, or to the membership chairperson, who is also the president, treasurer, etc., currently at That email is subject to change, depending on how frequently this page gets updated. 

This is the Green Book, the original and only, totally accurate and entertaining,
one-hundred year history of the Law Club ... 1914 to 2014. 

(This is a big file!)