Current Courses: SHSU

POLS 2305 American Government

POLS 3368 Asian Politics

POLS 3385 International Law & Organization (Model United Nations)

Graduate Level -

POLS 5371 Comparative Politics

Courses Taught:

SUNY-Cortland - 2015- 2017

POL 101 Introduction to World Politics

POL 161 Model UN

POL 262 Comparative Politics: Asia

POL 229 Election in Comparative Perspective

POL 338 Media and Politics

POL 454 International Relation in Asia

Wesleyan University - 2014-2015

GOVT 157 Democracy and Dictatorship: Politics in the Contemporary World

GOVT 299 Politics and Security in Asia​

GOVT 271 Political Economy of Developing Countries

GOVT 297 Politics in China

The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) - 2012-2014

PSCI 4396 Contemporary Political Issues in Asia

PSCI 4V97 Independent Study in American Politics and Government

PSCI 4321 Media and Politics

PSCI 3350 Comparative Politis