On-Going Projects (Selected)

· “Political Stress and Health: The impact of political stress on Mental and Physical Health” (With Chelsea Radcliff, and Temilola Salami)

· “Elite Differential Effect on American Presidential Election” (With Austin Horng An Wang and Ching Hising Wang, submitted to Election Research Preacceptance Competition)

· “Do Personality Traits Matter? The Endogeneity of political behavior in Voting Models: The Empirical evidence from 20 countries.” – Member of Personality Traits Project, Taiwan Election and Democratization Studies (TEDS)

· “Taiwan Democratization Project” – Taiwan Foundation for Democracy.

· “Corruption and Authoritarian Survival” (With Yeo-Yuan Yeh and Ching-Hsing Wang).

· “The Robustness of Valence Models of Electoral Choice: Taiwan in Comparative Perspective.”

· “Mixed Logit Models of Heterogeneous Leader Effects on Electoral Choice: Asia in Comparative Perspective.

· “The Changing Citizens in Southeast Asia: An Empirical Analysis of Political Participation and Democratization in Southeast Asia.”