Hello! I'm Dr. Dennis Lu-Chung Weng, an Associate Professor of Political Science at Sam Houston State University and the founding Chief Executive Officer of the Asia Pacific Peace Research Institute (APPRI), a think tank dedicated to advancing peace studies within the Asia Pacific region. I received my Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Dallas in 2014.

Prior to my current role at SHSU, I had the opportunity to teach at Wesleyan University, SUNY-Cortland, and the University of Texas at Dallas. I am currently an international research fellow for Democracy Studies at Stellenbosch University in South Africa, and at the Center of Southeast Asia Studies at National Chengchi University in Taiwan.

My research interests span comparative politics, international relations, and political methodology, with a particular focus on the interactions between domestic political behavior, international politics, and security issues, especially concerning the US and Asia-Pacific. My scholarly work has been featured in esteemed publications such as Electoral Studies, Democratization, and the Journal of Asian and African Studies, among others.

Frequently interviewed by major media outlets like BBC, New York Times, CNBC, Bloomberg and TVBS (Taiwan), I actively contribute op-eds to platforms such as War on the Rocks, Brookings Institute Report, and National Interests. Besides my academic pursuits, I engage in regular political commentary on American and Asian politics across print, radio, and television. I offer analysis and commentary on complex international relations issues, particularly focusing on US-China-Taiwan relations and political behaviors in elections within the US and Asia.

Additionally, I serve as a foreign policy advisor and political consultant, providing strategic advice to politicians and consulting firms in both the US and Asia. My insights are sought after for navigating the intricate dynamics of international politics and electoral strategies.

You can view my CV here, my Google Scholar profile here.

I can be reached via email here.