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Twitch Multi Stream Viewer

With the TMSViewer you can watch your favorite Twitch channels (and much more) straight from your desktop.


  • Watch multiple streams simultaneously.
  • Sytem tray notification when a channel you're following goes live.
  • Watch featured Twitch streams.
  • Watch latest VOD's of the channels you're following.
  • Download VOD's (and save to disk) of the channels you're following.
  • Top Games (most popular games on Twitch).
  • Search streams from most popular games.
  • Search streams by channel name, game name, title.
  • Manage your list of followed channels (follow/unfollow).
  • Get a list of most popular streams on Twitch.
  • Block channels from showing up in search results.

Coming soon:

  • Customize the application background.
  • Implement user preferences
  • ...


TMSViewer does not have any chat functionality - for several reasons - and is therefor best used in combination with an IRC client. To learn how to setup an IRC client for Twitch, go here.


TMSViewer (beta) is now available for download.
Check the readme file in the zip.

Note:requires the Adobe AIR runtime.


Support my work and help me improve TMSViewer.


Peter Ginneberge,
Jul 13, 2016, 4:16 PM