Most (if not all) tools require the Adobe AIR runtime. If you find any bugs or think a vital feature is missing, let me know.

Twitch Multi-Stream Viewer (TMSViewer)

Watch your favorite Twitch live streams straight from your desktop.. and much much more..


Currently in beta and available for testing. A desktop alternative to the online Twitch dashboard, with the ability to:
  • set your channel status (title, game)
  • watch your vods
  • get notified when someone follows your channel
  • get notified when someone subscribes to your channel (Twitch partners only)
  • run commercials (Twitch partners only)


A "now playing" tool using the scrobble feature. Works with any music service or media player with the ability to scrobble to

Twitch Chat OAuth Generator

A Twitch OAuth token generator for use with an IRC client.

Stream Bitrate Calculator

A tool to help you determine bitrates for different resolutions, framerates, bits per pixel.