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The Twitch army knife for streamers.

TeeBoard is a desktop alternative to the online Twitch dashboard, with the ability to:
  • set your channel status (title, game)
  • manage channels of which you are an editor
  • watch and/or download your vods (broadcasts and highlights)
  • run commercials, manually or on a set timer (Twitch partners only)
  • track viewer count stats while streaming (chart)

Comes with several handy widgets:

  • Notifications: 
    • get notified when someone follows, donates to and subscribes to your channel and optionally display it on stream (OBS and XSplit)
  • Clock: 
    • display your local time (or any given timezone offset) on stream and set an alarm timer
  • Countdown: 
    • display a counter (chrono, stopwatch) on your stream.
  • Spectrum:
    • select one or more songs (mp3's) to play and display their spectrum on stream. Ideal for intros and/or away scenes.
  • Chat
    • add your channel's chat to your stream.
  • Poll
    • Conduct a poll from within the app and display it on your stream. People can vote by entering the corresponding keyword in chat.

Comes with extra tools built in:

  • Twobbler - display music info on stream via
  • Bitrate Calculator - easily calculate required bitrate for your stream
  • Chat OAuth Generator - generate a Twitch chat token for use with an IRC client
  • Game Titles - Always have the latest game titles available for hinting when setting the game for your channel
  • Panel Images - Generate panel images for your channel

Image Gallery:


TeeBoard is currently in beta and available for download so feel free to take it for a spin. Expect some things to be broken and others to not function as expected. 

TeeBoard requires the Adobe Air Runtime (3.7 or higher).


Support my work and keep the development of this app going.

Peter Ginneberge,
Sep 20, 2014, 11:03 AM