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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

















Hi Folks,

How has the new year been treating you so far?  The remembrance of Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday has come and gone and Valentine's Day and Presidents' Day approach quickly.  I just want to wish each and everyone of you a Happy Valentine's Day and hope you enjoy your President's Day off.

If you've been wondering, what has Dee been up to?  Well, Dee went out and got herself a  J O B!  It's only Part Time/Floater status however I've got a feeling that that won't last for long ... stay tuned for future updates.

I've also become pretty active in my new home church.  I'm now the Choir Director of the Youth Choir and the newsletter coordinator.  My brother-in-law, my former pastor, has been appointed as the New Youth Pastor so we're a team again ... YAY!!!!  You can view the newsletter via pdf here or the Blog in progress here:  It entailed a month of hard work pulling it together creatively and chasing down folk for submissions or Ad content, however it was great fun and a truly pleasurable undertaking.

My promo Website and Review Team are really starting to take shape ... here's our first review for 2007, something we could all use, a reminder of all the things we've heard previously and few we haven't as we try to figure out How to Get Out of Debt.

As for my writing career, I'm not doing much of that right now, however, I have no shame in capitalizing on what I've already written.  And that's where you come in.  I'm currently a nominee for's Best New Author Award, however, in order to make it into the top twenty finalists, I need as many people to nominate me as possible.  I'd love it if you'd take a moment to nominate me, D.S. White for the Best New Author Award 2007. 

Thanks in advance!


 Dee411 - Cast Down But Not Destroyed


December 18, 2006

I Won!

I Won!

Hi Folks,

Thanks to your votes, you are now reading the words of Author of the Month for December at C&B Books.

Now they must have liked your comments... because I'm up for January again... sooo... would you mind, doing it again?

Much love,

P.S. If you're wondering about the tiara... I figured the occasion merited one and when I saw this one with DIVA written on it... I knew it was fated to grace this post.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006, 1:55 PM

Author of the Month!

Hi Folks,

I was doing my usual Web surfing thing when I  realized that I was a part of a contest and didn't even know it! 

So, now that I do know, I'd like to ask for your help in becoming Author of the Month at C&B Books Distribution, one of the leading bookstores catering to the self-published author.

Please see voting instructions below, as well as a note about the book itself.

Thanks in advance,


Age Is Just a Number
You Choose December's Author

Send us an email and vote for your choice. You will receive a gift certificate when you purchase the title.

Click here for more information on the book and to order.

To avoid confusion, please note that above advertised book is the First Edition released January 18, 2006 with the ISBN of 141167233X.  Although, I have given C&B the updated image, description, pricing and ISBN, what resulted was the old image, old price and description attributed to the new ISBN of 0977810305.


Friday, March 3, 2006, 12:15 PM

Revisions, Revisions

Since its release on 1/18/06 specifically for the 2006 Lulu Blooker Prize Award, project AIJAN has been rolling along in leaps and bounds!

However, since this is a self-published effort, I'm also wearing the hat of publicist, proofreader, marketing guru, saleswoman (not a new hat, I'm a former street vendor and online book store owner from New York).
Once the enthusiasm of "gosh-durnit-I-wrote-a-blook!" (book based on a blog) abated a bit. I sat down and actually re-read AIJAN... about 8 times and each time I came away with... that was a great read... I wrote that? Then next would come, "but you know, that
article although true and cathartic (one about the ex)... does not necessarily have to be in print..." LOL. Or, "if your best friend wrote a book, would you encourage readers to buy it, when it says that?" Or how about... "your co-worker? Or that person, or that and that?"

After giving myself that reality check, and fighting the avaricious demon in me that stated, "But it's juicier that way!" The part of me that makes me cry at the drop of a hat or three, prevailed.

Which means that, although I stand by my product as truthful entertainment and I'm goshdurned proud of every bit of it; I've
realized the responsibility that goes with the author's pen and as such I'm currently in the process of revising, relocating or just plain removing certain chapters of the book.

The newly revised version will be available by September 15th.

I'm just goshdurned glad that I realized the difference between cathartic vs publishable material before I'd ordered like a 100 copies or something!

That being said... I've a contest going for a copy of the soon to be extinct original version of AIJAN up for random drawing until midnight of March 15th.

To enter please send a blank email with "AIJAN Contest" in the subject line to

Here's to the winner in you!