D.S. White

Her motto:  I am who I am by the grace of God

An avid reader, D.S. White is the former proprietor of an online African-American bookstore and wholesale dealership. Unfortunately, she didn't have a back up plan for September 11, 2001.

She is the divorced mother of a fabulous almost 26-year-old who is completing her Grad program at NYU.

D.S. White loves traveling but most of it to date has been done within the pages of a book. While planning that mother/daughter trip in the distant future, she's tried her hand at acting, singing
, dancing, modeling, cosmetology and sales.

Aware of the need for reading material which accurately reflects the look and mindset of the person of color, she decided to do her part to facilitate the same.  Also aware that this bio should be short and to the point, she's simply going to end by saying that if you remember nothing else from her bio, remember that she loves God and is always happy to share what He's done in and for her life: