Quality Mathematics tuition for

Secondary, Integrated Programme and Junior College students

H2 Math/ A-level Math/ IP Math/ Advanced Math/ A Math/ E Math

Whether you are a student struggling in Mathematics, or a concerned parent worried that your child is not performing up to expectation in Math, I may be able to help you.

I have more than 2 decades of experience teaching Mathematics in top schools (JC, Secondary and IP) and tutoring students. From my many years of teaching and motivating youths, I understand their concerns and mentality. I also have a thorough knowledge of Singapore school math curriculum and assessment. As an overseas government scholar with a First Class Honours degree in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge, I have a solid grasp of Mathematics, as well as passion in the subject. So if you are looking for support in Mathematics, why not get a qualified and experienced teacher to help?

Please explore these pages and find out about my programme and approach.

Founder and Teacher:

Mrs Debbie Wong

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