Round Tables

·        Knights have nothing less than a moral obligation to have a Knights of Columbus presence in every parish.”

·        A Knights of Columbus presence is establishment of the Parish Round Table program.

·        Through the Round Table a council works closely with the pastor of each parish or mission that it serves.

·        All Knights in a parish, regardless of their council affiliation, are part of the Round Table.

·        The Round Table program makes the tremendous manpower of the Order readily available to the pastor to help him achieve his plans and goals.

·        By means of the Round Table a local council may easily achieve a maximum level of service to all the parishes with which it is affiliated.

·        Simply stated, the Knights of Columbus Round Table initiative provides the opportunity for brother Knights to support their parishes with the programs their pastors deem necessary.

·        One fact must be made crystal clear.

·        The Round Table initiative — an offer to serve — should not interfere with any existing or contemplated parish program or group. The pastor sets the programs. It is simply a matter of going to him and asking, “Father, what can the Knights of this parish do to help?”
Fr Patrick O'Kelley Round Tables
        Sacred Heart Church
        22430 Michigan Ave
        Dearborn, Mich 48124
        Rev Ken Chase
        313 278-5555
        Round Table Representative: Richard Larys  Phone: (734)637-2203

        St Albert the Great Church
        4155 Parker
        Dearborn Heights, Mich 48125
        Rev Daniel Zaleski
        313 292-0430
        Round Table Representative: Mike Magnone Phone: (313)277-9357

        St Anselm Church
        17650 Outer Drive
        Dearborn Heights, Mich 48127
        Msgr James Moloney
        313 565-4808
        Round Table Representative: Matt Roberge Phone: (313) 277-1898

        St John the Baptist
       26123 McDonald St
       Dearborn Heights, Mich 48125-1498
       Rev Edwin Balazy
       313 292-9693
       Round Table Representative: Ray David Phone: 248 962-5324 

        St Kateri Church
        16101 Rotunda Dr
        Dearborn, Michigan, 48120
        Rev Terrence Kerner
        313 336-3227
        Round Table Representative: Robert Ciavaglia (313) 274-4954
        St Sebastian Church
        20710 Colgate
        Dearborn Heights, Mich 48125
        Rev Aaron DePeyster
        313 562-5356
        Round Table Representative: Kevin Cook (313) 623-9335