It is the Insurance Agents job to contact each member once a year. Calls to you will occur when you have an age change coming up.

This is the most opportune time for us to get together to complete a personal needs analysis and review your insurance coverage.

The message is:  please allow some time for this important meeting. 

Our meeting will deliver:

·         peace of mind regarding the financial well being of your family,

·         a  plan for a continued lifestyle in dollar terms that you determine

·         the importance of health care beyond your social security benefits

·         options for your low interest paying saving accounts and CDs

·         how to supplement retirement income

·         a review and update of your fraternal benefits.

Take advantage of this service and all your Knights of Columbus benefits by knowing exactly what your benefits are.  For married members, your spouse must be present in this personal benefit information meeting.  Please allow me an hour of your time when I call you.


Fraternally yours,

Victor Jiompkowski