Msgr Schulte Fourth Degree Assembly #0492

Msgr. Schulte Assembly was commissioned on January 26, 1965. All members of the Fourth Degree must first be a member in good standing in a Third Degree Council. Our membership is drawn from (4) neighboring councils; Fr. Patrick O'Kelley Council (Dearborn), Bishop Foley Council (Dearborn) All Saints Council (Taylor), and Deacon William Dorsey Council. Our namesake, Msgr. Schulte, is a former Pastor of St. Alphonsus Church in Dearborn. He served as an Army Chaplin and State Chaplin of the American Legion and of the Knights of Columbus.The Fourth Degree is the highest degree in the order. The principle order is patriotism which is exemplified by our Color Corps. The Color Corps is probably the most outwardly visible sign of the Knights of Columbus. They serve as honor Guards at many Civic, Religious and Fraternal Functions. They serve at the Installation of Council and Assembly Officers, all Council Corporate Communications, lead the council at the Memorial Day Parade, and stand Honor Guard for the deceased Fourth Degree Sir Knights. The Msgr. Schulte Assembly Home Council is Fr. Patrick O'Kelley where approximately 70% of our membership is derived.
 How to Join
Membership in the Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus is open to all 3rd degree members in good standing. Application blanks are available from any member of the Knights of Columbus or contact Stephen Olinzock at (313) 534-3483 or e-mail at

 Current Officers 

Faithful Master District #1

John Hundiak

248 652-3344

Faithful Friar

Fr Dan Zaleski

313 292-0431



Travis Baker

313 277-6618


James Pease


Robert Ciavaglia

248 613-6591


Stephen Olinzock

313 534-3483


Richard Fron PGK

313 408-4686


Don Brezovsky PFN PGK Comm

586 598-5611


Tony Madrigal

313 505-7311  

Inner Sentinel

Raymond Hunt

313 277-8444

Outer Sentinel

Mathew Roberge

313 277-1898

Trustee (1 yr)

James Fedor


Trustee (2 yr)

 Steve Earles

734 536-4143

Trustee (3 yr)

Michael Magnone

313 999-0244


Don Brezovsky PFN PGK Comm

586 598-5611



The LOTA began in 1965, the same year the assembly was chartered. The ladies of Msgr. Shulte assembly, most commonly referred to as LOTA, is an organization of dues paying members whose object is to aid and extend the interest and welfare of the social affairs of the assembly.

Current Officers

First Lady

Patricia Mincel

313 562-2889

Second Lady

Janice Larys

734 637-2203

Lady Recording Scribe

Aileen Massey Chromic

313 434 5178

Lady Purser

- Eleanor Ulfig

313 274-3397

Lady Corresponding Scribe

- Lillian Erickson

313 277-8814



Membership Lady

Sheila Hunt

313 277-8444

Spiritual Lady

Patrica Pease

313 908-9888

Sunshine Lady

Linda Magnone

313 277-9357