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posted 16 Nov 2011, 03:29 by David.S Brown   [ updated 16 Nov 2011, 03:29 ]

In 1961, Vivien Leigh, of Gone with the Wind fame, visited Montsalvat. The founder of Montsalvat, Justus Jörgensen, became enamoured by her and planted a plum tree in her honour.

After 50 years, part of the tree has died and all recycled wood is being used to make shakuhachi; "Vivien" was the first piece.

Blackheart Sassafras 1.8

posted 16 Nov 2011, 02:47 by David.S Brown

During polishing of this shakuhachi, a "sixth finger hole" was discovered. The illusion of a hole is created by the refraction of light in the grain of the timber.

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