About David

Born in Queenstown, Tasmania in 1947, David was apprenticed at a young age to work and study horology. Regarded as an apprentice with great talent, he was awarded the coveted WOSTEP International prize and received a scholarship to study watchmaking in Neuchatel, Switzerland. His accuracy and eye for detail made him one of Australia's finest watchmakers, however the digital age prompted David to reconsider his life aims. This was to be the beginning of a life spent committed to the practise of music, arts, martial-arts and instrument making in Australia.

David's introduction to Japanese culture had been Aikido, which he has practised now for over 50 years. Through Aikido, David has become very aware of the spiritual aspects of art, the possibility of achieving harmony between mind, body and nature. After travelling to Japan, David heard the shakuhachi and was immediately struck by the sheer harmony and purity of its sound. He began learning shakuhachi with Riley Lee in 1977 and still regards Riley as his teacher to this day.

In addition to being a maker, performer, and teacher of the shakuhachi, David has practised other arts from Japan such as Kyudo. As a sumi-e artist, David studied with André Sollier, and has held several exhibitions. David has also worked with Stuart Favilla to develop Light Harps under the support of an Australia council creative development grant and Australian Research Council Support.