Animal Rescue

Timi's Animal Rescue (USA) (2020)

I created a pattern 'Rabbit for Timi' inspired by a conversation I had with Timi. She lives in the US and runs an animal rescue facility. 50% of all sales from this pattern will go to support Timi’s animal rescue work. Here is her story in her own words:
“ I started bringing in lost and injured animals and gave them a place to live out the rest of their lives. Rabbits were the worst ones; people would just let them go on the parks or just drop them off in the desert by my home. Some would be injured and others just didn’t know how to survive so I took them in, help heal them, gave them food and shelter and a place to be happy until I could find good homes for them. It wasn’t just rabbits, but I have taken in a rooster who was attacked by a pit bull and he is still doing quite well. His name is Roo. And is spoiled rotten. We have a rescue goat and miniature horses; the only two that were left alive out of 30 and they are health and happy. I have rescue chickens and other roosters. I get calls from the vets in the county if they have a stray or an animal that someone just leaves. I have been very fortunate to have placed dogs cats rabbits and birds. I also had 4 baby ground squirrels that I raised because their mom had died. They were a blast and hysterically funny. Had them for 5 years and unfortunately they don’t live too long but lived longer than most. So this is a nutshell version…. We also did get a variance from Clark County to be able to have all these animals”.

You can contact Timi: or in the US 702-524-1631.

World Wildlife Fund adoptions

Endangered Collection (2011 - 2013)

Designed to create talk about the beauty of the world's endangered species and their struggles for survival.At the end of each tax year 10% of sales in the collection are donated to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) (Australia).

July 2011 - July 2012

Predator-proof fenceTwo metres of a five kilometre predator-proof fence for the Australian Black-flank rock wallaby is Dax's donation to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in 2011/2012. It has been purchased with 10% of sales from Endangered Collection sales.Rachel the Rock Wallaby is the first of Dax's World Wildlife Fund (WWF) adoptions. She has been adopted with 10% of sales from the Endangered Collection.Rock wallabies are unique to Australia. There are currently 15 species of rock wallaby, however many are now considered a threatened species due to loss of habitat from clearing of native vegetation, weed invasion and fire.WWF is helping the species recover; our adoption package supports that work.
Giraffes at sunset - from the Endangered Collection

July 2012 - July 2013

Marine ParksIn some parts of the Reef, turtles are being affected by the fibropapilloma (FP) virus, which may cause blindness, immobility, the obstruction of internal organs and death among young green turtles. The virus may be occurring because of pollutants from industry or pesticides washing into the Reef.
This year Dax Bead Art has donated to the preservation marine parks and their fauna in Australia. This donation has been purchased with 10% of sales from the Endangered Collection and Dax's beaded 'Adopt a Sea Star' initiative at the Festival of Glass, 2013. See more at World Wildlife Fund - turtles