Social responsibility

Creating with social responsibility in mind

Contributing to action for change

Ten per cent (10%) of all sales from nominated collections are given to a nominated charity acting for social justice and/or taking action for a more eco-friendly planet.
The specific charity chosen depends on the messages of diversity, the environment and social justice that I am writing into a collection. For example , the 2010-2011 Endangered collection has supported the adoption of a Rock Wallaby.

Link here to learn more.

I have also donated items to events raising funds for cancer research, violence against women, reconciliation and to support the work of my local community association.

Link here to learn more.

Eco friendly packaging

Wherever possible I use eco-friendly packaging that embraces the 3 'r's earth-friendly principles of reuse, recycle, reduce. I reuse bubble wrap that arrives at my house and recycle packaging when shipping items. Small items are packaged in reusable gift bags that are lightweight for shipping and larger pieces are packaged in reusable gift boxes made from recycled paper materials.

Fair trade and/or fair employment suppliers

Where possible I source packaging and other materials from organisations committed to fair trade and/or fair employment practices.

Crafting art beadwork to last

Beadwork is very durable and if cared for properly, it can last for generations. For instructions about its care please link here. I generally use the beautiful and tiny Japanese glass seed beads made by the Japanese companies Toho and Miyuki. The beads are known for their precision and quality. I weave on specialist beading threads for increased strength and durability.