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WELCOME  to what I have learnt in over 40 years of sports training and performance, over 30 years of professional sport coaching and coach education plus over 25 years of applying sports science and designing innovative curricula.
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 Multidisciplinary sports coaching, performance & education experience
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I have over 35 years of professional experience in sport; as a trainer of sports coaches, physical education teachers and sports scientists as well as being a lecturer, coach educator, high performance coach, former head of physical education and outdoor education plus ski instructor, trainer and tutor for ski instructors. As a specialist in performance analysis and conditioning, I have been a consultant on sports specific training programmes for Premiership footballers & clubs, American football National champions, US Collegiate women`s basketball, Singapore Netball as well as International Athletes (from 100m Olympians to World Record breakers in Ultra-marathon, Olympic swimmers and Alpine Ski Olympians). I have an extensive and quite unique background as a recently retired Head of School of Sport & Coaching Sciences and Head of a number of University Sport and Exercise Sciences departments, a Principal Lecturer in coaching sciences, Senior Lecturer in exercise physiology and biomechanics, and as a professor of biomechanics in the United States (developing over 20 new sports related degree curricula for applied sports science and sports coaching). I also worked extensively with sports physiotherapists, athletic trainers, sports therapists, strength & conditioning coaches, and high performance coaches across a wide variety of sports; for evidence-based skill development, fitness, injury prevention, and reconditioning. So far I have coached in 10 countries, presented at over 30 International Conferences and authored over 40 articles on sports coaching, as well as previous handbooks on coaching athletics and teaching physical education. After researching knee and back problems recently I presented on knee and back injuries at the World Science and Ski Congress in 2010 and 2013, and at the 2011 Interski Congress. In November 2012 I published `Fitness and Motor Control for Skiers their Knees and Backs` and subsequently authored the applied sports science books `Performance Analysis in Skiing`, `Running Faster`, `Ski Conditioning for Injury Prevention and Performance`, `Your Knees and Exercise - bulletproof knees` and most recently `Fix your Low Back Ache - bulletproof back`.
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