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Cleaning the Printer:

Run a cleaning card and change the cleaning sleeve when changing the print ribbon. Make sure that all cards sent to the printer have completed printing before cleaning.

1) Open the printer cover and remove the ribbon cartridge.

2) Remove the replaceable cleaning roller.

3) Open the input hopper cover (1).

4) Remove unprinted cards from the input hopper (2).

5) Open the Printer Toolbox (if needed, see page 15).

6) Click the Clean Printer button. A prompt to insert the cleaning card appears.

7) Open the cleaning card package and remove the cleaning card.

8) Insert the cleaning card into the input hopper (3), just past the roller.

9) Click OK on the message box. The printer moves the card

through the printer several times and ejects the card. Wait a few minutes to allow the rollers to dry.


What is the problem? Try this:

1) A message appeared on the PC or LCD panel.

• Click the Help button on the message box to see possible

causes and the solution for each cause. See the “Related

Topics” to fix the problem.

2) The printed cards do not look the way that I want them to.

• If you moved the ribbon while the printer was powered off, print

another card. If the problem persists, see the Info Central for detailed information about solving card appearance


3) Cards jam often.

• The brand of cards might be dirty, heavily powdered, or bowed

(curved). Consider buying a different brand of cards or clean the

printer more often to use the cards.

• The printer rollers might be dirty. See “Cleaning the printer” below for steps to clean the printer rollers.

4) The ribbon has broken.

• Trim the end of the broken ribbon evenly. If ribbon on the takeup spool is not wound firmly or is uneven, remove it. Tape the

end of the ribbon onto the same take-up spool, making the

edges of the ribbon and spool even.

• If the ribbon breaks repeatedly, settings might not be correct for

the card design and ribbon. See Setup in Info Central.

5) The printer does not respond when I print a card or when I click

“Resume” on the Printer Toolbox.

• Make sure the printer is plugged in.

• Make sure the printer is connected to the computer.

• If the Status Light on the printer is blinking amber (yellow), press

the Ready button.

• Power off the printer and power it on to see if communication


• See SP Series Info Central for more detailed communication

troubleshooting information.

6) The printer cover will not close. • Push down firmly on the front edge of the cover to latch it.

• Make sure no extra items are inside the printer.

• Make sure the print ribbon cartridge is installed correctly.

• If you installed or bumped the printhead cartridge, make sure it

is installed correctly. See Info Central.