Welcome to the

Castagnolo Research Group

based at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Science at King's College London

Our research interests range widely from organic synthetic chemistry to medicinal chemistry and biology, and are mainly focused on the design and discovery of small molecules endowed with antimicrobial activity, and on the development of new biocatalysed reactions for the synthesis of drug-like compounds.

Our current research aims to develop novel biocatalytic and chemoenzymatic methods for the manufacturing of enantiomerically pure sulfur compounds as well as aromatic heterocycles. We are also interested in the development of novel bioactive molecules active against Mycobacterium tuberculosis, drug-resistant Gram+/- bacteria and viruses.

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Franklin-Wilkins Building is home to the Institute of Pharmaceutical Science and it is located at the Waterloo Campus in the heart of London. The laboratories of Pharmaceutical Chemistry are situated on the 5th floor of Franklin-Wilkins Building.

on the right: Franklin-Wilkins Building on the left: London landscape. The Waterloo campus is just few steps from the London Eye.