Daniel Chan Art

Drawing was always my most favorite interest. I can spend a whole day just sitting there and draw. With just a pencil and a piece of paper I can create anything I can image in my own drawing world. The fun was unlimited, heroes, monsters, robots, warlord, animals, dragon, space ship that I drew from inspiration of imagination. I don’t remember how young I started drawing. However, I remember that at grade 3 I figured out some techniques to improve my drawing. I applied the technique for a poster contest and I won. Winning the award was a big encouragement for me. I never stop drawing and I won award after award since then. When I was young my family could not afford a paid art class. I just learned by imitation and observation. I took my first art class was when I was in 6th grade. it was a free drawing class offered by a nearby community center. The charcoal drawing on this page was the out come of that class. I am glad that I kept that drawing until now. When I was in elementary school, my class mate liked to call me “artist”. I knew that it suppose to be a complement, but I found it a little bit offensive because I did not even know what art was. Since people keep calling me “artist” I have to keep thinking what “art” means. Why people value art so high? What makes the different between a regular work and a work of art? Is art important? Why it is important? How important it is? Why people shown something in the museum are called them art? I still do not have answer for all those questions. I still don’t really care if I am making a piece of art. Somehow, I just can’t stop asking myself the questions about art. What is your definition of art? How will you answer those questions about art? Maybe you have your question about art too. Please feel free to drop me a note >>. I am really interested to hear what you think.

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