Visitor Policy

Dalraddy Cottage

Join us to keep Cannock Chase and Staffordshire special

  • Stay local, buy local, see local or Enjoy being a local
    • There are an amazing variety of things to see, do and sample without travelling too far. Why not enjoy our local fare, explore our markets, and experience our culture wildlife and heritage? By choosing local, you know that your business makes a real difference to the lives of local people! ..
  • Help us reduce, reuse and recycle
    • It’s easy to say no to plastic bags we don’t need, and to use the recycling banks that are available in most of our car parks when you are out and about.
  • Switch off
    • We want you to enjoy yourself, relax and switch off. Perhaps you can help us reduce our carbon footprint too by switching off lights etc when you don’t need them, and please don't leave tvs etc on "standby".
  • Reduce unnecessary laundry
    • We want to reduce the amount of unnecessary laundry so we ask our guests to leave beds unmade on the day of departure and leave all used towels in the bath. This means we don't launder clean items unnecessarily.
  • Try our green cleaners
    • We always provide eco friendly cleaners and toiletries in Dalraddy Cottage. You are more than welcome to try them out to see for yourself how effective they are, and when you love them and want to use them at home, we can supply you with recipes for "natural homemade cleaners" and give you details of ethical websites
  • Leave nothing but footprints
    • After all, the best things in life are experiences. Enjoy all Cannock Chase and Staffordshire has to offer and leave it as you found it for others to enjoy
  • Give your business to businesses that are working to keep Staffordshire and Cannock Chase special
    • Green tourism is about making sure that Staffordshire and Cannock Chase is here for our children to enjoy. Help us to secure our future by giving your business to green tourism businesses.
  • Come back and see us again ... and again .. and again
    • There is so much to explore and we would love to welcome you back.

Thank you – the small changes that you make to your holiday make a big difference to us!