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Project Ideas

These are project ideas which could be developed into undergraduate research (CS 398) or Master's Projects. Before registering for either one of these, we would need to talk about this and agree on the details of what would be done.

Elevator Virtual Window

I'd like to take video from the outside of the building, dropping the camera down from the roof on some guide lines. Then the resulting image could be played on a screen in the SEO elevator, giving you a virtual window to the outside as you go up or down. Once this proof-of-concept is done we could then implement this at the Willis Tower.

Copy Jim Campbell

Jim Campbell is an artist who creates 2d and 3d sets of LEDs and then plays images through them. I want to make one, maybe partnering CS and ECE folks together to make a really nice exhibit for somewhere on campus.

Educational Consultant

This project would involve partnering with several Chicago-area schools as a technology consultant, while a student at UIC. This project would be appropriate for someone interested in eventually being themselves an educator. This "consultant" would visit the schools, learn what computer technology is being effectively used in the classroom and for educational infrastructure, provide assistance where possible, provide training, and make recommendations on software/hardware/networking that could be used. One version of this would be to work with both a school that extensively uses technology, as well as a school that doesn't use technology much. We might try to partner with some people at UIC's School of Education for this.

Music Transposer

Music is often represented by chord charts, using only words & chords. This project would take as input a text file and allow transposing to any arbitrary key, maintaining the chord spacing relative to the original word placement.

Additionally it would be nice to parse the chords and include chord diagrams for all chords in the song. The final product should live on a web page and allow users to paste in their songs and click on a few buttons to do the transformation.

iPhone / Android App:

Ever been jogging with your music playing, only to notice that your pace changes along with the music? This would be an app that allows you to choose a pace (or sense it using your accelerometer) for your running, and then resample your music to fit, keeping frequency constant.

Online Polling:

Online services such as polleverywhere.com allow members of classes to vote using text messaging on their cell phones. This would create similar functionality, but could be hosted on an open-source server.

AskNow: Real-time Question Asking and Ranking

Create a system that allows students to type in questions real-time in class, and then up-vote questions that they care about the most so they bubble to the top, which the teacher could then answer.

The screen would have 3 portions.  The bottom would be text entry where students could type in a question.  The instructor could set this up to either require authentication or allow anonymous posting.  The middle portion would show the real-time feed of questions that are being entered. Each displayed question would have a +1 button next to it.  The top portion would show the current prioritized set of questions, which also would have +1 buttons.