DAF YAL-4442

 Merk / Type DAF YAL 4442
 Laadvermogen 4 ton
 Aandrijving 4 x 4
 Omschrijving Vrachtauto, 40 kN. 4x4, Lesvoertuig
 Motor DAF DNT620– 6 cylinder – 6240 cc –  126 Kw
 Wielbasis  4.05 m.
 L x B x H  7.30 m. x 2.47 m. x 3.42 m.
 Geproduceerd  195
 Foto : DMV 

Wheels & Tracks 21
The Netherlands Army's new 4-ton 4 x 4 is the DAF YA4442, a developed version of the YA4440. Unlike the prototype shown in W&T 18, the updated models are going to have dual rear tyres as seen here on a pre-production YAL4442 (in which L stands for Les, i.e. driving tuition; this variant has an extended crew cab).