Dad's Travels in the Pacific

                                        Picture of me Getting ready for a  reconnaissance flight                    




                                                                                                         Sangley Air Station Patch                                                                                                       






       Ships Boatswain USS   Yorktown

                                                    Aircraft Carrier USS Yorktown CVS10

                                     Above the Carrier : is Yorktown Ghost Ship                 



     Chief Smith and 1st Class   

     and P.O. Alonzo Slaughter              



     Sangley,  PI Photographers' crew                     


                Sangley,  PI  Shuttle Aircraft between Clark AFB

        Below: The Color Guard on Sangley Point Air Strip



                         Above: Chief Fink,  Giving out Fire Extinguishers to the natives on the iseland







    This website deals with my travels in the Pacific in the US Navy 1961-1965. My son Rick did a lot of the work to put together this website, and it was originally his idea, which is where the title Dads Travels, comes from.


 During my tour in the Navy I worked as a photographer, an interest I continue to pursue to this day. Being a photographer gave me the chance to document a lot of my experiences, something not every-one  in the Navy is lucky enough to have. 


      My hope is that this website brings back long forgotten memories for those who were there   or  give  viewers who weren't a chance to see what Pacific- Asia and the US Navy looked like almost  50 years ago.    Rich Searle




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