Teckel Society


The UK Teckel Stud Book Society was founded in 1999 by Nick Valentine, Brenda and Trevor Humphrey for the benefit of owners of working Teckels.

The Society provides facilities to record UK working Teckels, a puppy register and details of dogs available at stud. It is the objective of the Society to keep an accurate register of pedigrees of working Teckels.

A pedigree tracing service is also offered.

Contact: The UK Teckel Stud Book Society 22 Caer Cynffig, North Cornelly Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan, Wales CF33 4NE Tel: 01656-744234 & Fax: 01989-750877 E-mail: teckel-society

UK Teckel History:

Teckels were first founded in this country by Mr Richard Brydges-Price in the 1970's when Xitty Vom Heiligenkopf and Rastus worked alongside him at Petworth. Then came Jaro Vom Lehrschen Forst (Flint) and Kosi V.L.F. (Anna). They had their last litter in 1998. Mr Garrick Hawkes came next, with a German import, Birke Von Der Magnetbahn who came into the country in 1990, in whelp to Gaunner Vom Gesselnerfeld and she gave birth to 8 pups while in quarantine. We have now introduced a new bloodline into the stock. He is one of the Icelandic dogs (Chocolate & Tan) that were born in quarantine in 1998 and his progeny are looking very nice. To these people, we the Teckel owners are most grateful. These Teckels and their progeny are the foundation stock in the UK Teckel Stud Book Society. After many months of tracing pedigrees and discussions, Nick Valentine, Trevor and Brenda Humphries decided it was time to found a Teckel Society to be able to register all Teckels. We have also produced a Society Handbook called "The Teckel" which is on sale for £6.

Society Founders:

Nick Valentine is a Master and huntsman of Ryeford Chase in Hereford. He has 10 couples of Teckels and 30 couples of Petit Griffon Vendeen Basset Hounds. Trevor Humphrey is a professional deerstalker for Hearne Woodland and Wildlife Ltd. He stalks in East Anglia, Dorset and Devon. Brenda Humphrey is the Kennel Maid, Secretary, Telephonist and General Dogsbody, as well as being a keen fly fisher-woman.

Teckel Information:

Teckels will not be turned away while the Stud Book is open. They all have a category to go in. Confirmation of pedigrees will be required and the onus falls upon the applicant to provide this, with the name and address of the breeder. At the present time, we hold the pedigrees of all imported Teckels and most dogs can be traced, even when no pedigree exists, once the breeder is known. CATEGORY A: Full pedigree Teckel One Grandparent Dachshund = 25%, or One Great-Grandparent of unknown breeding, or any other = 12.5% allowed. CATEGORY B: First cross Teckel and Dachshund, and pure Teckels with one parent of unregistered or unknown breeding. Category "B" dogs' progeny can be upgraded to full status when bred to a fully registered category "A" dog. CATEGORY C: Teckels with no pedigree, show-bred Dachshunds and first crosses of a Teckel with any other breed of dog. All progeny of category "C" dogs can be upgraded to category "B" when bred to a fully registered "A" Teckel. Note: All registrations are accepted at the discretion of the Registrar, who reserves the right to refuse an entry if it is thought to contravene Society rules. Authenticity of pedigrees is the responsibility of people registering dogs and the Society cannot accept liability for any inaccuracy.

Recognised Colour Variations: Black & Tan Chocolate & Tan Solid Red Brindle Dapple

Registration Fees:

Registration per dog £5.00

Transfers by new owners £5.00 (Transfer Form)

Puppies For Sale Register FREE

No pedigree? We may be able to trace one, for a fee. If not, it will go into a category. After 3 generations of offspring mating with a pure Teckel, they will go into full pedigree.

Litter Registration by Breeder, per pup £2.50

Pedigree Tracing Service £5.00

Stud Dog Register FREE

All Application Forms must be accompanied by the appropriate fees All cheques (crossed) payable to: "Teckel Stud Book Society"