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Welcome to Dachshund Showcase - The directory of UK Dachshund breeders and  exhibitors with links to their websites and e-mail contacts.

Each of the 6 Dachshund varieties has its own index page where you will find  links to the web-pages of UK Dachshund breeders.  

You can also find contact details for UK Breed Clubs on-line. 

Visit the Breed Council's website for more information on buying and owning Dachshunds. For information on Dachshund health, visit the Breed Council's Health website.

For non-UK breeders visit www.sunsong.co.uk

For working Teckels visit the UK Teckel Society.

For details of puppies available, visit the “Puppy Register”.

For older dogs needing for homes; look here or visit the Dachshunds needing homes Facebook page.

To find out how to be listed on Dachshund Showcase,  visit our “Join Showcase” page or e-mail us.

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