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Please read the Breed Council's advice on Buying a Dachshund andOwning a Dachshund. All breeders should comply with the Dachshund Breed Council's Code of Ethics.

Top 10 tips for buying from a responsible breeder:
  1. Except in exceptional circumstances, you should always be able to see the puppy's mother.
  2. Visit where the puppy was born, regardless of how far you have to travel.
  3. Get a written receipt for the puppy. Carefully read and understand any conditions imposed by the breeder - do not be "forced" into agreeing to have a litter with a bitch puppy that you want as a pet.
  4. If the puppy is KC Registered, the Registration Papers should be available when you pay for the puppy, together with details of the puppy's and/or parents' health test results. (KC Health Test Result Finder)
  5. All puppies should be provided with health insurance to cover the first few weeks with their new owner.
  6. The breeder should give you a diet sheet and a few days' supply of their current food.
  7. After-sales help should always be available from the breeder, throughout the life of your puppy.
  8. Reputable breeders will not be prepared to sell puppies without meeting prospective buyers and will not sell puppies to people who will leave the dog unattended all day, while they are out at work.
  9. Be aware of the pitfalls of buying from internet adverts (no mention of health tests, "rare colours").
  10. Contact one of the Breed Club Secretaries for advice on breeders in your area. [ECDA sells the Puppy Survival Kit]

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