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IU5 Jr. High District Chorus

West Lake MS/Walnut Creek MS

Jr. High District Chorus Forms
You may now access forms on the State Website at http://www.pmea.net/festivals/.  You will need your primary email registered with PMEA as well as your PMEA membership ID number to log in to access the forms.

Some of the forms are now set up to do online forms, BUT due to the timing of our selections and first year roll out, you will do BOTH online forms and printed copy forms.  Printed copy forms MUST still arrive to the festival host by Sept. 21 as per our District 2 deadline.  DO NOT use any forms from any other source or prior years!

Student forms you will need to download, copy, and send to host:
  1. Principal Signature Page (NEW)
  2. PMEA Student Policy Acceptance Form
  3. Student Medical Form (scroll down, it's there!)
  4. Student Dietary Needs Form
  5. Male/Female Voice Alternative Forms (if applicable)
  6. Directors Preference Form for Jr. High District Chorus (located below)
Please fill out the Student and Director online forms after selections due by TBA.  You and the students will be asked to create a Submittable account when clicking on links.  Please click the one specific to YOUR festival.  If you have a student hoping to attend both festivals they must fill out an online form for each specific festival.
* Please remember to include a female tenor form if needed.

*The male soprano/alto form is NOT required for students at this level.

*If your school's forms are not in on time, you will not be eligible for EXTRA singers.  You will still get your full quota, however.


Rehearsal tracks are available by following this link: