IU5 Jr. District Chorus


HOST NEEDED - CONTACT mummertchad@fairviewschools.org TO HOST

Selection Meeting:


Jr. High District Chorus Forms

Forms MUST arrive to the festival host by Sept. 21 as per our District 2 deadline. Should you successfully complete the online forms and there are no glitches, those will follow the students for the remainder of the festivals.

Please go to the Files and Forms page for student forms you will need to download, copy, and send to host. DO NOT use any forms from any other source or prior years!

  1. PMEA Festival Student Policy Information Notice - Acknowledgement of this notice will be made by students in the PMEA Student Information Form.

  2. PMEA Student Information Form - This will be an online form sent to participating directors directly from the Host. The Dietary Needs form is included in this document.

  3. PMEA Student Medical Form

  4. PMEA Medication Administration Form (only if applicable)

  5. Fest/Festival School Acknowledgement Form (formerly the Principal/Director Signature Form)

  6. D2 IU5 Jr. District Chorus Preference Sheet

*If your school's forms are not in on time, you will not be eligible for EXTRA singers. You will still get your full quota, however.