Forms and Files

Please note the following forms required for the various PMEA festivals.

Printed and signed forms for Sr. High Festivals are due to Festival Hosts by September 21st each year.

Due dates for forms for other fests/festivals or changes to the September 21st deadline will be noted on the individual fest/festival pages located on this website. These pages can be found in the navigation bar to the left under "Instrumental Festivals" and "Vocal Festivals."

Festival Forms

  1. PMEA Festival Student Policy Information

  2. Fest/Festival School Acknowledgement Form (Principal/Director Signature Form) *Required for EVERY festival.*

  3. District 2 Director Preference Sheets:

Forms to be completed after students are selected to District 2 Band/Chorus

  1. PMEA Medication Administration Record Form *Required for EVERY festival when applicable.*

  2. PMEA Housing Waiver and Release Form *Required for EVERY Festival when applicable.*

  3. Electronic Information Form

  4. Electronic Med Form


District Jazz

IU5 Junior Districts

Fest Forms

  1. PMEA Student Medical Form *For FESTS only*

  2. PMEA Fest Dietary Needs Form *For FESTS only.*

  3. PMEA Fest Instrument Responsibility Form *For FESTS only*

  4. PMEA Fest Student Policy Information *For FESTS only*

  5. Fest/Festival School Acknowledgement Form (Principal/Director Signature Form)

  6. District 2 Fest Director Preference Sheet