District 2 Chorus

February 6-8, 2019

St. Marys Area High School

Adam Brooks, Host Director

Dr. Jason Vodicka, Guest Conductor

Selection Meeting:

Corry Middle High School

October 14, 2018

11:00 am

Any and all directors welcome to attend.


St. Marys Area High School

c/o Adam Brooks

977 St. Marys Street

St. Marys, PA 15857


District Chorus Forms

Forms MUST arrive to the festival host by Sept. 21 as per our District 2 deadline. Should you successfully complete the online forms and there are no glitches, those will follow the students for the remainder of the festivals.

Please go to the Files and Forms page for student forms you will need to download, copy, and send to host. DO NOT use any forms from any other source or prior years!

  1. PMEA Festival Student Policy Information Notice - Acknowledgement of this notice will be made by students in the PMEA Student Information Form.
  2. PMEA Student Information Form - This will be an online form sent to participating directors directly from the Host. The Dietary Needs form is included in this document.
  3. PMEA Student Medical Form
  4. PMEA Medication Administration Form (only if applicable)
  5. Fest/Festival School Acknowledgement Form (formerly the Principal/Director Signature Form)
  6. PMEA Housing Waiver and Release Form (only if applicable)
  7. D2 Chorus Preference Sheet

Current enrollment figures (grades 10, 11, and 12) should be listed on the Director's Preference Sheet. If they are not, the latest figures available to the selection committee will be used to determine that school's quota. The breakdown is shown below:

Group / Population / Quota / Description

  • A1 / 1400 / 10 / Balanced Octet = S1, S2, A1, A2, T1, T2, B1, B2, + any 2 of your choice.
  • A2 / 1200-1399 / 9 / Balanced Octet = S1, S2, A1, A2, T1, T2, B1, B2, + any 1 of your choice.
  • B1 / 1000-1199 / 8 / Balanced Octet = S1, S2, A1, A2, T1, T2, B1, B2
  • B2 / 800-999 / 7 / Balanced Quartet = S1 or 2, A1 or 2, T1 or 2, B1 or 2, + 3 parts not already used (only 2 parts if you are not adding another T/B voice).
  • C1 / 600-799 / 6 / Balanced Quartet = S1 or 2, A1 or 2, T1 or 2, B1 or 2, + 2 parts not already used (only 1 part if you are not adding another T/B voice).
  • C2 / 400-599 / 5 / Balanced Quartet = S1 or 2, A1 or 2, T1 or 2, B1 or 2, + 1 part not already used.
  • D1 / 200-399 / 4 / Balanced Quartet = S, A, T, B
  • D2 / 001-199 / 3 / One from S1, S2, A1, or A2; one from T1, T2, B1, B2; + 1 part not already used.

*"Not Already Used" means a unique voice part not yet included in your quota (e.g., if a Soprano 1 is already included in your quota, the next soprano added must be listed as a Soprano 2).

*For categories B2 and C1, at least one of the extra voices must be a Tenor or Bass. However, if that school does not have another Tenor or Bass to add, they may still utilize the extra slots, less one.

Filling Out the Director's Preference List

  • The number of students allotted by the school quota and voice parts required are found using the table above.
  • In the Quota block, list the students that you want to have selected as your quota, according to the quantity and the voice parts indicated in your quota category.
    • In the circle to the right of their names, rank these students in oder of director preference (1=highest).
    • List appropriate alternate vocal parts (based upon range) that the student is capable of singing. (This is done to assist the selection committee in making adjustments in the event that voice parts must be switched to improve balance. In considering which students are moved, care will be taken not to move your top 2 raked students.)
  • In the "Additional Singers" section below the Quota Block, list "Additional Singers" who you would like to have considered in the event that more students are needed to balance sections, in order of preference.
  • Due to the balancing of sections in the selection meeting, do NOT assume that your students who are selected for District Chorus are on the same parts that YOU originally designated on your preference sheet! Check your invoice to be sure of what part each student has been assigned!