Fox Lab @ CWRU

How do sensory systems collect, process, and transmit information? How do fast-moving animals process sensory information at high speeds to coordinate their behavior? How do different sensory modalities interact with each other? How have sensory systems evolved to handle the challenges they are faced with in complex environments?

We study insect sensory systems using quantitative behavioral techniques, electrophysiology, computational modeling, and high-speed videography.

Lab news:

December 2017:  We receive word that our projects on gaze control in fruit flies will be funded by the National Science Foundation!

October 2017: Bugs + Cleveland + baseball: Jess is interviewed in the New York Times

September 2017: Alex wins the best student paper award from the CWRU Biology Department

August 2017: Our lab briefly became a film studio as Brice was featured in a short documentary about the Science Research and Engineering Program at Hathaway Brown.

June 2017: Rachel DeFino joins the lab as our new technician; Xiaoyu Shen joins as an undergraduate student; Ilakkiya graduates; Alex returns from her AFOSR-funded trip to Holger Krapp's lab in London

April 2017: Ilakkiya successfully defends her undergraduate honors thesis and wins 3rd prize in the Michelson-Morley competition on the same day; Mike Rauscher crushes his PhD qualifying exam

April 2017: We had a great time at Think & Drink with the Extinct at CMNH!

March 2017: Our paper on halteres and gaze control was accepted at J Exp Biol- congrats to authors Shwetha Mureli, Ilakkiya Thanigaivelan, and Michael Schaffer.

March 2017: Alex Yarger wins the Best Student Presentation award at the CWRU grad student symposium AND Brice Bai wins an award from the Office of Naval Research for her poster!

February 2017: Jess's comparative haltere anatomy paper (with Sweta Agrawal and David Grimaldi) is published. One of Sweta's SEM images is on the cover!

January 2017: Nick presents at SICB in New Orleans; Ilakkiya is accepted to medical school; Jess is back from maternity leave

August 2016: Welcome new PhD student Michael Rauscher

July 2016: Alex Yarger's review article on halteres is published

May 2016: Jess and her husband James welcome a daughter, Leita! Jess is technically on leave, which means that BIOL 321 is on hiatus this fall, but she'll still be around the lab.

April 2016: Congrats to new PhD candidate Alex Yarger on passing her qualifying exams!

March 2016: High school student Brice Bai wins a prize for her poster at the Hathaway Brown SREP spring event from the American Psychological Association

March 2016: Darius Williams joins the lab as our fearless fly caretaker; Jess and Nick give talks at East Coast Nerve Net and Janelia Research Campus

February 2016: An article about our research appears in the Case Observer

January 2016: We are so excited that our work on haltere information processing will be supported for the next three years by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research Young Investigator Program!

January 2016: Some coverage of our Biology Letters paper in the Case Daily

January 2016: Jess and Ilakkiya give talks at the annual SICB meeting; Shwetha takes a new job as a technician in a cardiac tissue engineering lab at Stanford; Jess's commentary on burst activity in locust neurons is published

October 2015: Our paper on kinematic diversity in haltere movements is accepted at Biology Letters! Authors are Hall, McLoughlin, Kathman, Yarger, Mureli, and Fox.

October 2015: Alex Yarger is named a Department of Education GAAAN fellow; Ilakkiya Thanigaivelan wins a travel award to attend the annual SICB meeting

June 2015: Alex Yarger joins the lab as a PhD student

May 2015: Shwetha's paper on haltere influence on visually-guided flight behavior is accepted at the Journal of Experimental Biology

May 2015: Mariana Sainz-Garcia and Ilakkiya Thanigaivelan are awarded summer research fellowships; Josh Hall and Dane McLoughlin graduate

February 2015: Dane McLoughlin chatted with a sports reporter about his research in the lab. Oh, and also about basketball.

January 2015: Jess and Shwetha travel to West Palm Beach to give talks at the annual SICB meeting

December 2014: Postdoctoral associate Dr. Nick Kathman joins the lab after completing his PhD with colleague Roy Ritzmann

November 2014: Thanks to the CWRU men's basketball team for inviting Jess to a faculty reception so she could watch Dane crush Baldwin-Wallace. 19 points in the first half!

October 2014: Jess's commentary on walking behavior in flies is published

October 2014: We partnered with WISER to welcome 25 sixth-grade girls to the lab during the GE Girls in STEM Kickoff Event

August 2014: Jess travels to Sapporo, Japan to give an invited talk on haltere evolution at the International Congress for Neuroethology

June 2014: We are the proud recipients of a Konishi award from the International Society for Neuroethology- the lab's first grant!

June 2014: Mark Willis, our close collaborator and lab neighbor, is promoted to full professor! Congratulations Mark!

June 2014: Jess is interviewed by Channel 5 News about mayfly swarms; link

May 2014: Dane McLoughlin wins a Summer Program in Undergraduate Research (SPUR) award!

April 2014: Josh Hall wins a Provost Summer Undergraduate Research Grant (P-SURG) for his research project!

March 2014: Congrats to undergrad Josh Hall on being named NWCA Scholar All-America

February 2014: Lab technician Shwetha Mureli joins the lab

September 2013: Fox lab opens at CWRU!