Ph.D. Research Advisory Committee in Physics (Theoretical), University of Calcutta


Document submission

All documents that you need to submit to the Ph.D. RAC must be dropped in the mailbox of the Convenor, kept in the office of the Physics Department.

All e-mails are to be sent to, and not to any Ph.D. RAC member's personal e-mail.


All queries are to be directed to the Ph.D. section of the University at the College Street campus. Only urgent and exceptional queries may be made to the convenor and only by e-mail to the official account. Please read the relevant sections and the FAQ first for your queries. 

For the advisors: Please check the "Advisors' corner" for information on the preparation of examiners' list, and all that.

Registration: See the Ph.D. registration page.

Pre-Ph.D. seminar (5000 words): See the Pre-Ph.D. Seminar page.

Important note for advisors: It is not the responsibility of the PhD RAC to remind the advisors to submit the thesis and viva-voce examiners' list on time. The former should be submitted before the candidate submits the thesis. The latter should be submitted within 2-3 months of thesis submission. The responsibility lies solely with the advisor. 


NEW: Rules for Early Submission Request: See Advisors' corner.

Please do not request for out-of-turn scheduling of pre-Ph.D. seminar. We have a fixed schedule and we cannot change it just for the candidates' and/or supervisors' convenience.

Next meeting
March 7 and 8, 2018
Meeting room, Dept. of Physics, CU [1st floor]
Pre-Ph.D. seminars
March 7
Raj Kumar Sadhu (SNBNCBS, submitted 31/01/2018)

March 8

Pre-Ph.D. seminars in the queue
Subhadip Chakraborti (SNBNCBS, submitted 15/01/2018)
Rakesh Das (SNBNCBS, submitted 29/01/2018)
Sutapa Dutta (SNBNCBS, submitted 30/01/2018)
Sabana Shabnam (LBC, submitted 13/02/2018)
Arnab Deb (SNBNCBS, submitted 15/02/2018)
Shauri Chakrabarty (SNBNCBS, submitted 16/02/2018)