You may have noticed that the site has changed in appearance. This is due to Google changing from the classic sites of old to the latest sites, and this website has been migrated from the old to the new, thus losing all that 8-bit colour and fixed font spacing of the original site. There has been no change in the content of the site, except for the addition of this explanatory text.

The Competition is now closed for this year. The results are now available under the "The Games" tab. Thanks for all your entries during 2016 and it is time to wish you all a happy and crappy new year for 2017.

Welcome to the comp.sys.sinclair crap games competition 2016, hosted by Gabriele Amore and Simon Ferré.

Hopefully we'll be better organised than leespoons, who's lacklustre performance as host of last year's competition left much to be desired. Thankfully he wasn't being paid for his contribution, or he'd be owing the rest of us money.

No, seriously, thanks to Lee for his efforts, along with the rest of the hosting and reviewing team.

Good luck to all for this year's competition, in which we hope to be amazed and thoroughly delighted as your steaming piles of rubbish come into our inboxes.

Please follow the links above to other areas of the site.

The email addresses to email your games to are found within the "Other news..." tab above. It's the first (and probably the only) post in that section of the website. Please do not attempt to gain access to this website. It is not required in order to submit your entries to the Competition.