VGA Planets 5: StarCube was a massive (up to 1000 players per universe) multiplayer real-time strategy game using the Silverlight technology. The player's objective was to forge an alliance capable of taking and holding a dark planet to achieve victory.

StarCube had been on indefinite hold since February 11, 2012. However, revival of the project is very unlikely now that Silverlight and most of the other plugins have been phased out of browsers. The best that this site can offer is a handful of screenshots and a few fuzzy memories of what it used to be.

When Starcube was last playable, StarCube was in closed beta starting from around October 2011. Six races were playable in the closed beta: Fed, Lizard, Bird Man, Cyborg, Crystalline, and Robotic, with ten of the classic 11 races intended to be playable in the full release (only Stormers would replace Fascists).

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