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Brainstorming (2)

 The brainstorming continued...

The question was raised about what has been tried already?
-- We need a clear purpose for CSEE&T
-- How can we get more industry trainers involved?
-- Do we need an industry chair? Or an industry track?

To help answer the question why would you submit to CSEE&T, we should survey previous submissions.

Do we have evidence that software engineering employees take training? We should investigate actual empirical trends.

Is anyone interested?

The brainstorming then considered who is our target audience? For example, one group might be people who are retraining, for changing jobs. Another group is simply people who want to get ahead. It is worth remembering that every 10 years, this is a new field. Every year there are new buzzwords, CSEE&T must stay relevant.

Perhaps we should focus on a different industry every year?

Do we know what the top software engineering education is around the world?

What is the texture of research?

We can take lists of industry needs, such as those produced in the panel earlier today, and convert those into how to teach themes for CSEE&T.