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Brainstorming (1)

 The workshop had a small but interested attendance (about six people). After a brief presentation of the possible process, basically the academic research process, and the planned outline to develop an affinity diagram, prioritize items from the affinity diagram, then develop an action plan and targeted outreach for those items, the group decided to engage in a relatively intense brainstorming session. The flipchart was used to capture some of the points from that discussion, which included:

-- The industry process for developing submissions is different from the academic research process.

-- Submissions need to earn brownie points for academics
-- IEEE/ACM and other professional organization committees do not actually know about CSEE&T

Some of the ways that papers are submitted include:
-- being rejected by another conference and resubmitted to CSEE&T after minor revision
-- low hanging fruit (can I rapidly write an article about something I already know?)
-- Some people try to submit an abstract, with the plan to write a paper after acceptance
-- I did something I think was interesting, here's my approach

Should we organize a software engineering education foundation, which would then promote various awards and efforts in software engineering education, using CSEE&T as a focal point?

Develop a research agenda for CSEE&T, helping to shape the research efforts and future submissions.